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Semiconductor Transformers    

A semiconductor transformer in which all parts of the transformer are made of semiconductor materials.


The technology relates to a “semiconductor transformer” totally incorporated into integrated semiconductor electronic circuits. It is derived from the coreless planar transformer concept but it does not need metal conductors as transformer windings. The windings are made of highly doped semiconductor paths.

The benefits arising from this invention include possibility of full circuit integration; reduction in manufacturing costs, stray components and circuit noise; improvement in power density and system compactness.

Primary Application of the Technology

Any electronic circuits required magnetic transformers for isolation, etc functions.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 257: Active Solid-State Devices (E.G., Transistors, Solid-State Diodes)

This class provides for active solid-state electronic devices, that is, electronic devices or components that are made up primarily of solid materials, usually semiconductors, which operate by the movement of charge carriers - electrons or holes - which undergo energy level changes within the material and can modify an input voltage to achieve rectification, amplification, or switching action, and are not classified elsewhere.

Subclass 528: Passive components in ICs
Subclass 531: Including inductive element

Class 361: Electricity: Electrical Systems And Devices

Systems or devices which provide safety and protection for other systems and devices; control circuits for electromagnetic devices and non-electromagnetic-type relays. Systems or devices which discharge, or prevent the accumulation of electrical charge on or in an object or material; circuits for charging objects or materials. Systems for generating or conducting an electric charge. Systems which process electrical speed signals. Circuits for reversing the polarity of an electric circuit. Systems which cause the ignition of a fuel or an explosive charge. Systems and processes for demagnetizing a magnetic field. Transformers and inductors with integral switch, capacitor or lock. Electrostatic capacitors, per se. Housings and mounting assemblies with plural diverse electrical components. Electrolytic systems and devices.

Subclass 35: Transformer protection