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WB Linearization for Microwave Power Amplifiers    

A wideband linearization and adaptive power management for microwave power amplifiers.


The invention boosts the power utilization factor of microwave/RF power amplifiers. It relates to a bias adaptation technique that reduces the adjacent channel power leakage, compensates the signal distortions and boosts the average power efficiency.

The invented PA has highly linear efficient power amplification. The signal linearity is improved under the same output power while the power efficiency is boosted under the same DC power. It helps to improve the battery sizes and the talk time of digital mobile phone applications.

Primary Application of the Technology

Microwave/RF power amplifiers could be used in wireless communication, e.g. digital mobile phone

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Class 330: Amplifiers

This is the generic class for amplifiers, included: Amplifiers having all types of active elements (or amplifying devices), amplifier systems having plural amplifier channels, cascade amplifiers, push-pull amplifiers and other amplifiers having plural amplifier devices. Also included are amplifiers with plural signal sources or plural loads. Amplifiers including the means coupling the signal source to the amplifier or coupling the amplifier to the load or between cascaded stages are also included. Amplifiers combined with tone control means. Amplifiers combined with amplitude (volume) control means whether by manual control, by control of an electrode D.C. bias. Amplifiers combined with power supply. Amplifiers combined with structural features of the amplifier or the amplifier circuit elements. Amplifiers having signal feedback means.

Subclass 285: Having particular biasing means
Subclass 296: Including particular biasing arrangement