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Complementary Wideband Antenna    

Complementary antenna comprising of a planar dipole and a shorted patch antenna in electrical sense.


A combination structure comprises of a planar dipole and a shorted patch antenna in electrical sense to form a wideband antenna with unidirectional radiation pattern of various beam widths. It could be used as a basic element of the design of low cost high performance antenna arrays.

The invented wideband antenna is simple in structure and low in manufacturing costs. It has wide bandwidth, low back radiation, low cross polarization, symmetrical radiation pattern and stable in gain and radiation pattern shape over the frequency bandwidth.

Primary Application of the Technology

The antenna is excellent in all electrical parameters and attractive for development of various kinds of indoor and outdoor base station antennas for modern cellular communications. They can be mounted on walls/vehicles without affecting performance.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 343: Communications: Radio Wave Antennas

Antennas for the transmission of radio wave energy through the natural media - air, earth, water, etc. for point-to-point communication or for the reception of such transmitted radio wave energy. Aparatus and systems which constitute part of an antenna transmission or reception.

Subclass 700MS: Microstrip
Subclass 793: Balanced doublet - centerfed (e.g., dipole)
Subclass 795: Sheet or wing type
Subclass 846: With grounding structure (including counterpoises)