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Rare Earth Doped Polymeric Waveguide Amplifiers    

The technology relates to the fabrication of optical amplifiers/fibre/lasers with their core materials to be polymers.


The rare earth (e.g. ER3+/Yb3+) doped polymer is synthesized to be electron beam or light sensitive so that the fabrication of the optical amplifier/laser can be achieved by direct writing/printing. Upon exposure/development process, the devices can be obtained instantly without further processing.

Unlike conventional lithography followed by etching process, the invented direct writing/printing technique provides alternative for devices mass production and can greatly reduce their fabrication cost due to the reduced processing steps and the fabrication error.

Primary Application of the Technology

The invention provides a novel technique for mass production of optical amplifier/laser, in both waveguide or fibre form, for use in dense wavelength demultiplexing/multiplexing (DWDM) system in the field of telecommunication.

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