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FEFE Plasma-based Ion Implantation    

A technique for Focused Electric Field Enhanced (FEFE) Plasma-based Ion Implantation (FEFE-PBII).


The FEFE-PBII relates to the apparatus includes an implantation chamber, a vacuum pump for maintaining the pressure level, a sample holder, means for applying a negative potential to the sample holder and means for supplying a gaseous or vaporized implantation material.

The FEFE-PBII method is suitable for use with implantation materials that have a low melting point and high vapor pressure which is difficult when using other conventional PBII techniques.

Primary Application of the Technology

It is used for the modification of surface properties of materials and industrial components that are large or that have an irregular shape.

Additional Information

The patent has been allowed.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 427: Coating Processes

This is the generic class for: A. applying or obtaining a coating on a surface. The coating may be hard or soft, permanent or transitory, supplied solely by extraneous materials or supplied wholly or in part by the base material. B. impregnating a base by causing a coating material to extend or penetrate into the base material, or into the interstices of a porous, cellular or foraminous material. C. taking preparatory treatments of the base material, subsequent treatments of the coated base material and other ancillary noncoating operations claimed, per se, processes limited to etching for making a base more compatible with, or adherent to, the coating wherein the base is the substrate (work) onto which a coating is applied are included.

Subclass 523: Ion plating or implantation

Class 118: Coating Apparatus

pparatus for applying or obtaining a surface coating on a base and/or apparatus for impregnating base materials and takes all such apparatus not provided for in other classes. The coating obtained may be permanent or transitory. The coating may be supplied solely by extraneous materials, as in a painting or waxing operation, or may be supplied wholly or in part by the base materials as in the formation of an oxide coating on a metal base. The coating may consist of an emulsion, dispersion, solution, admixture or oil which is clearly disclosed as leaving a residual film, layer or continuous deposit on the base.

Subclass 723FI: Focusing means for ion beam coating material or focused ion beam gas energizing means (i.e., excluding ion plating or ion implanting)

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