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Making heteroepitaxial-silicon carbide film    

A method for depositing heteroepitaxial -silicon carbide film on silicon using bias-assisted hot filament chemical vapor deposition


Enables growth of large area heteroepitaxial-silicon carbide film on silicon by electrically biasing substrate during the growth period.

Making silicon carbide at lower temperature and without using flammable and toxic gas sources.

Primary Application of the Technology

Materials for high temperature, high power and radiation resistive electronic devices.

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 117: Single-Crystal, Oriented-Crystal, And Epitaxy Growth Processes; Non-Coating Apparatus Therefor

Processes consisting of the single or repeated unit operation of forming a single-crystal of any type of material, including inorganic or organic; such processes combined with perfecting operations; and apparatus for conducting non-coating processes of this class.

Subclass 108: Using an energy beam or field, a particle beam or field, or a plasma (e.g., MBE)
Subclass 88: With decomposition of a precursor (except impurity or dopant precursor) composed of diverse atoms (e.g., CVD)

Class 118: Coating Apparatus

pparatus for applying or obtaining a surface coating on a base and/or apparatus for impregnating base materials and takes all such apparatus not provided for in other classes. The coating obtained may be permanent or transitory. The coating may be supplied solely by extraneous materials, as in a painting or waxing operation, or may be supplied wholly or in part by the base materials as in the formation of an oxide coating on a metal base. The coating may consist of an emulsion, dispersion, solution, admixture or oil which is clearly disclosed as leaving a residual film, layer or continuous deposit on the base.

Subclass 723HC: Hot cathode means for thermionic emission of electrons (e.g., tungsten filament, etc.)
Subclass 724: By means to heat or cool
Subclass 725: Substrate heater