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3-Axis Motion Control And Amplify Combined System    

A new product which combines a 3-axis motion control and an amplifier as a high integrated module.


The invented product contains 3 boards: the upper motion controller board, the middle amplifier board, and the lower heat sinking board. Two digital control loops of outer position loop and inner current loop are designed with freq 4KHz and 20KHz, respectively. A user friendly interface is provided.

The uniqueness of this invention includes the integration of motion controller and servo amplifier, two digital control loops to achieve high motion performance, brushed and brushless servomotors applications, compactness (100mmx215mmx40mm).

Primary Application of the Technology

The invented product could be used to control and drive most of brushed and brushless servomotors in industrial manufacturing such as SMT machine, CNC machine tools, PCB bonding machine, robots, plotters, rotary-knife cutters, laser marking systems.
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