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Optical Fiber    

A new design of an optical fiber


It relates to designs for optical fibers comprising a central step-index or graded-index core region surrounded by an annular cladding region, wherein said cladding region is formed with a refractive index that increases in a radially outward direction.

The bandwidth of conventional large-core step-index multimode fiber is very limited. The invented optical fiber, which is easy to fabricate, provides a very large core single-mode fiber or multimode fiber with sufficiently large bandwidth to meet the high capacity transmission in the future.

Primary Application of the Technology

The invented single mode or multimode fiber with a large effective core area could be used in the development of ultra-wide-band dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) systems and short-distance broadband Internet and local-area networks.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 385: Optical Waveguides

(1) An optical waveguiding element, which conveys light from one point to another through an optically transparent elongated structure by modal transmission, total internal reflection, or total reflectorization. (2) A combination of an optical waveguiding element with an additional broadly recited optical element which couples light or a combination. (3) A combination of an optical waveguiding element with structure which mechanically joins this waveguiding element with another or with a diverse optical element. (4) An optical modulator where the modulation of a light wave characteristic is performed exclusively within an optical waveguiding element. (5) Other miscellaneous devices formed of an optical waveguide (e.g., a waveguide sensing device) and supplemental devices which are limited to use with an optical waveguide (e.g., an external clamp or retainer).

Subclass 124: With graded index core or cladding