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CMRC 4th Sub-harmonically Pumped Mixer    

The technology relates to a 4th sub-harmonically pumped mixer (4th SHM) structure for microwave and millimeter-wave.


The 4th SHM employs an invented component Compact Microstrip Resonant Cell (CMRC) structure with slow-wave and band-stop effects. The mixer has equipped with anti-parallel Schottky diode pair, two microstrip open stubs, two high-low impedance low-pass filters to achieve low conversion loss.

The cost of the invented low conversion loss 4th SHM is substantially lower than fundamental oscillator mixers. It has better performance than existing mixers as low-frequency local oscillator is easy to achieve low noise and high power output.

Primary Application of the Technology

The invented mixer is a key component in nearly all microwave and millimeter-wave transceiver and can be used in many applications such as 28GHz LMDS systems, 94GHz helicopter collision avoidance system, etc.