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Device for Controlling Urination in Patients with an Obstructed Urinary Bladder Outlet    

A disposable catheter combined with ferromagnetic element to control urination outlet.


A medical device and method for aiding urination and eliminating discomfort and muscular strain associated with obstruct urination. The device has significant advantages over current treatment of the bladder. The device can be used for potential drug delivery solution into the bladder in a continuous way.

Primary Application of the Technology

Medical device for urination control

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Control of urinary function using an implantable device that can also be combined with a catheter.

Competitive Advantage

The invention offers efficient and cost effective solution with minimal side effects for obstructed urinal patients.
Device reduces discomfort, infections, potential UTI and other side effects.

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Class 604: Surgery

Class 607: Surgery: Light,Thermal, And Electrical Application