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Barcode Imaging and Reader    

Multi-spectral imaging for identification, coding, sorting and reading of objects.


These patents provide a multi-spectral imaging method for identify objects using a fluorescent barcode and reader/decoding scheme. This technology includes marking and sorting objects and, more particularly, the methods for optically coding objects such as textiles, linens, garments, documents and packages.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 235: Registers

Machines employed for ascertaining the number of movements of various devices or machines; also, indicating devices where the purpose is to disclose the numerical extent or quantity of movement of a machine and where the device is separate and independent of the machine whose movements are to be noted; also organized machines, such as, cash-registers, fare-registers, voting machines and calculators having registering or counting devices as essential or important elements and having in addition certain other features necessary to make up the complete machines for the purposes desired.

Subclass 456: Multiple column code
Subclass 491: Fluorescent, phosphorescent, radiation emitting

Class 209: Classifying, Separating, And Assorting Solids

Methods and apparatus for separating solid materials and assorting or segregating them in grades or classes according to physical characteristics.

Subclass 3.3: Marking or tagging item
Subclass 578: Ultraviolet
Subclass 581: Intensity
Subclass 587: Reflected from item