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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 257: Active Solid-State Devices (E.G., Transistors, Solid-State Diodes)

This class provides for active solid-state electronic devices, that is, electronic devices or components that are made up primarily of solid materials, usually semiconductors, which operate by the movement of charge carriers - electrons or holes - which undergo energy level changes within the material and can modify an input voltage to achieve rectification, amplification, or switching action, and are not classified elsewhere.

Subclass 10: Low workfunction layer for electron emission (e.g., photocathode electron emissive layer)
Subclass 11: Combined with a heterojunction involving a III-V compound
Subclass 13: Incoherent light emitter
Subclass 91: With shaped contacts or opaque masking
Subclass 99: With housing or contact structure
Subclass 103: With particular semiconductor material
Subclass 745: Contact for III-V material
Subclass 751: At least one layer forms a diffusion barrier
Subclass E33.005: Shape or structure (e.g., shape of epitaxial layer) (EPO)
Subclass E21.108: Epitaxial deposition of Group III-V compound (EPO)
Subclass E21.131: Selective epilaxial growth, e.g., simultaneous deposition of mono- and non-mono semiconductor material (EPO)

Class 438: Semiconductor Device Manufacturing: Process

This class provides for manufacturing a semiconductor containing a solid-state device for the following purposes: (a) conducting or modifying an electrical current, (b) storing electrical energy for subsequent discharge within a microelectronic integrated circuit, or (c) converting electromagnetic wave energy to electrical energy or electrical energy to electromagnetic energy. Also operations involving: (1) coating a substrate with a semiconductive material, or (2) coating a semiconductive substrate or substrate containing a semiconductive region. It also provides for operations involving etching a semiconductive substrate or etching a substrate containing a semiconductive region. The class provides for packaging or treatment of packaged semiconductor.

Subclass 46: Compound semiconductor
Subclass 47: Heterojunction
Subclass 481: Utilizing epitaxial lateral overgrowth
Subclass 493: Plural fluid growth steps with intervening diverse operation

Class 117: Single-Crystal, Oriented-Crystal, And Epitaxy Growth Processes; Non-Coating Apparatus Therefor

Processes consisting of the single or repeated unit operation of forming a single-crystal of any type of material, including inorganic or organic; such processes combined with perfecting operations; and apparatus for conducting non-coating processes of this class.

Class 372: Coherent Light Generators

An assembly of electrical, mechanical, and optical components produces an intense, coherent, directional beam of light by stimulating electronic, ionic, or molecular transitions to lower energy levels.

Subclass 43.01: Semiconductor