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Optical Pick-up Head    

An optical pick-up head compatible with both DVD and CD.


The optical pick-up head cam detect a DVD or CD using one actuator and two objective lenses. The objective lenses do not switch position to detect the different disk. The location of these lenses is elastic and the design of the dual optical pick-up head is convertible. There is no need to use two-focal objective lens. The structure and fabrication of this optical pick-up head is simplified and compact.

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Class 369: Dynamic Information Storage Or Retrieval

Apparatus for the storage or retrieval of arbitrarily variable information which is retained in a storage medium by variation of a physical characteristic. The information is stored or retrieved by causing or sensing a variation of a physical characteristic of the storage medium by a transducer having relative motion along a continuous path.

Subclass 44.14: Optical head servo system structure
Subclass 53.25: Of transducer assembly mechanism
Subclass 112.24: Plural distinct lenses

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