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Plastic Floor Tile - Automated Embossing Tool    

The embossing tool automates embossing, providing superior stability and accuracy, increasing productivity and efficiency.


The embossing tool steadily controls the supply quantity and the unwinding tension of the tape to ensure no pressing wrinkle or break can occur; overcoming the shortfalls of the pressing wheel and increasing the accuracy and stability of the embossing. The technology allows for a variety of materials to be used including those of lower stretching strength.

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Class 156: Adhesive Bonding And Miscellaneous Chemical Manufacture

This is the generic class for: Manufacturing processes and apparatus; manufacture of articles of commerce in which one of the manufacturing steps includes a chemical reaction; manufacture of panels from settable inorganic compositions; manufacture of electrical conductors of indefinite length.

Subclass 209: Surface deformation only (e.g., embossing)
Subclass 219: Surface deformation only of sandwich or lamina (e.g., embossed panels)
Subclass 351: Plural interrelated sensing means
Subclass 361: Of feed or motion of indefinite length work or transfer carrying tape
Subclass 378: With testing, measuring, and/or indicating means