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Shock Absorbing Mechanism for a Vibration Feeder    

A support arrangement to reduce damage to machinery.


When a vibration feeder is in operation the parts near the shank are inclined to be damaged, this technology provides for a shock absorbing support arrangement, thereby reducing the shock waves when the vibration feeder is in use and avoiding damage.

Primary Application of the Technology

Manufacturing assembly line

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 267: Spring Devices

Vehicle-springs, elastic extension devices, reciprocating-bed-cushioning devices, and miscellaneous spring structures which are not peculiar to any particular art.

Subclass 141.1: Plural resilient elements with rigid spacer

Class 248: Supports

Devices which carry the weight of an article or articles or otherwise hold or steady it or them against the pull of gravity, and devices for holding an article to its support, which are not otherwise provided for.

Subclass 638: Including vibration isolation means

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