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Dental Implant Withstanding Strong Bite Force    

Dental implant distributes force to provide more natural, less breakable, dental bridge.


This patented design provides a compelling and proven new solution to the old, costly problem of the cracked and broken dental implant. Even the latest titanium products are unable to withstand regular use by regular patients. Instead of simply trying to find a stronger material, this design takes are more intelligent, flexible approach.

Primary Application of the Technology

The target market is the global market for dental implants. This is a common, high volume, form of medical device.

The potential market in 2009 is estimated to be US $3 billion. The primary markets are the USA, where 1.8m implants are used each year, Europe where 1.2m implants are used and Japan where the market is 300,000 implants/year.

Further market details are available upon request.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Dental implants tend to break under pressure, regardless of the strength of the materials used in their construction.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The patented design replicates the way the natural tooth operates, providing multiple layers of flexibility that allow the pressure to be distributed rather than focused on a point of failure.

Competitive Advantage

More durable and able to sustain a higher load (stronger bite force).

Additional Information

The results of detailed tests are available showing the superior strength and performance of this design. The tests were conducted according to ISO Standard 14801.

Patent Summary

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Class 433: Dentistry

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Subclass 173: By fastening to jawbone
Subclass 177: By resiliently biased means

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DENTISTRY; ORAL OR DENTAL HYGIENE . Means to be fixed to the jaw-bone for consolidating natural teeth or for fixing dental prostheses thereon; Dental implants; Implanting tools .