Technology for Sale:

Round Terminal Block    

A modular ring of four tighten electrical connections designed in a symmetrical painted shapes used to connect wires easily in a safe and aesthetical way.


Modular ring connection has the following specific advantages:

1. Point control of each wire permits efficient installation and direct access for testing anytime.
2. The modular structure is color coded according to the International Standard (will adapt to each country).
3. Accommodates all wires: solid, flexible, and of various gauges.
4. Fits into existing junction boxes of all standards.
5. Screw and push wire versions available.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Easy to use, highly modular and systematically organized electrical box that provides safe and controlled electrical connections.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Tightening wires are built in two plastic parts of quarter circle. The home covering consists of a metal core for electrically shortening, the peripheral side of the inner wall of the core, leads the bare ends of wires for connecting and clicking or by tightening a screw located on the upper side. The core of the wiring connection at the end of operation, combining the four quarters of the connection, creating a ring.

Primary Application of the Technology

U.S. market for any electrical connections. Unique in ease of use, comfort installation, safety and aesthetics electrical boxes.

Competitive Advantage

Comfort at work, easy to use, safe, solving problems of global warming prevents loose contacts wires, preventing short, fire safety. Divides the electrical system to four areas in a friendly and easy way to help identify the source of tension wires. Each wire individually control each group of connections. Lower cost compare to existing products.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

Value Proposition
o Designed to conform to IEC 60998-2-1, and UL 486A,B
o Safe access: A convenient, clear and efficient work area, correct use of colors
o Aesthetics which produce personal commitment and work responsibility based on the standard, causing:
o Protection against humidity, moisture, induction, leakage and rising of the wires
o Easier to use, point control during connect/disconnect of wire. Point control of each wire permits direct electrical testing of the circuit.
o Easier and safer electrical testing due to modular structure.
o The modular structure divides the system into categories according to the International color standard.

Additional Information

Prize Winning Round Terminal Block (RTB).

An innovative solution for junction boxes that solves all existing shortcomings; it is versatile, easy to use, efficient and aesthetic. The RTB was awarded the Design Plus award by International Forum Design in the Frankfurt Light and Building Exhibition in 2002.