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Steam Power Plant - Major Efficiency Improvement (17%) and CO2 Reduction    

Retrofit power plant, easy to implement and low cost. No need for design changes. The technololgy has been proven, installed on several units.


At today’s fuel costs this technology can save over $100,000 per week, even in smaller size units. In some power plants the certain cap-and-trade of CO2 and other gases will allow more use of this invention.

The technology allows improved steam expansion. Improvement due to more expansion of steam. Less steam losses.

This invention may be considered a renewable energy project.

This technology was developed by an experienced licensed mechanical power plant engineer. If required they will be available to work after the sale as a consultant.

Westinghouse information is available, please click the ‘Tell Me More’ link to request it.

Primary Application of the Technology

The technology can benefit most steam power plants even several fully loaded units. References are available on request - including ones from the former American Society of Mechanical Engineers national president and utility engineers.

Competitive Advantage

Only known method to transfer lower temperature heat from one unit to another to improve fuel efficiency.

Major value in low cost method to improve efficiency without requiring extra flow, or disruption in existing cycle. Installation can be done on line.

The seller may consider selling these patents individually.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 60: Power Plants

The residual class concerned with the driving of a load by the conversion of heat, pressure, radiant, or gravitational energy into mechanical motion. It includes a motor in combination with its energy supply or its exhaust treatment. It also includes the motors, per se, combinations of motors, and elements specialized for use in such energy conversion that are not specifically provided for elsewhere.

Subclass 652: Of accommodating, fluctuating or peak loads
Subclass 676: Including plural distinct boilers, heat supplies or external sources of vapor
Subclass 688: Water mingled with exhaust steam

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