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Automatic Brake System Modulator    

A unique, simple, durable and affordable device for improved cycling - safe speed control and stops, avoiding accidents.


The automatic brake system modulator is a unique, simple and affordable patented mechanism that automatically balances the brake action between the front and rear wheel brakes regardless of which brake is applied - right brake handle, left brake handle or both at the same time for improved traction and safe speed control. In the event of an unexpected need to stop abruptly, the automatic modulation will safely stop the forward motion, and prevent front wheel lock up and over the handle bar dives that cause serious cycling injuries.
The universal design can be easily installed as OEM or IBD and DIU for all cable operated brakes including disc brakes.
The inventor has undertaken all research and development, field and lab testing. Testing against CPSC protocol for bicycle brakes shows great improvements to the standards. All tests results as fail-safe.
Tooling for immediate production and marketing is included in the license, high volume production tooling is available in Asia as well as in the US.

Primary Application of the Technology

Bicycle manufacturers, bicycle brake system manufacturers, bicycle manufacturers for after-market accessories.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

This truly unique devise eliminates the bikers worrie about which brake to apply, right, left or both for safer speed control and smooth effective stopping increasing the cycling safety - The automatic brake system balances the braking action and improves wheel traction during speed control and stopping. Eliminates front wheel lock up which causes over the handlebar dives and injuries which often occur because of aggressive braking and the rider panicking.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Automatically balances the braking action between the front and rear wheel brakes using a mechanical proportional transfer of braking power to the brakes for safer speed control and stop.

Competitive Advantage

Inexpensive, light weight - 1.7 oz, smaller in size - 3 3/4" by 1 7/8".
Universial and applicable to all cable operated brake systems inc. disc brakes.

The seller would like to be granted a license back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does it work ?
A. Proportionally transfers the braking action between the front and rear-wheel brakes.

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Class 74: Machine Element Or Mechanism

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Subclass 502.2: Single rotatable lever (e.g., for bicycle brake or derailleur)