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DVD Video Compression    

Optical Disk Drive Video & Multimedia Streaming


These inventions relate to capturing video and storing it in optical discs, particularly addressing sudden changes in the environment, and adjusting the compression video so that the video stream is uninterrupted.

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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 348: Television

Generating, processing, transmitting or transiently displaying a sequence of images, either locally or remotely, in which the local light variations composing the images may change with time.

Subclass 14.13: Compression or decompression
Subclass 208.4: Motion correction

Class 375: Pulse Or Digital Communications

This is the generic class for pulse or digital communication systems using electrical or electromagnetic signals. Such communication includes transmitting an intelligence bearing signal from one point to another in the form of discrete variations in some parameter of the electrical or electromagnetic signal.

Subclass 240.02: Adaptive
Subclass 240.16: Motion vector
Subclass E7.093: Implementation arrangements, e.g., implementation by hardware of software (EPO)
Subclass E7.144: Variable length coding (VLC) or entropy coding, e.g., Huffmann or arithmetic coding (EPO)
Subclass E7.146: Coding or prediction mode selection (EPO)
Subclass E7.153: Rate distortion criteria (EPO)
Subclass E7.159: Feedback control, i.e., control using output code amount, e.g., buffer fullness (EPO)
Subclass E7.181: Picture (EPO)
Subclass E7.211: Involving transform and predictive coding , e.g., hybrid coding, Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) coding (EPO)
Subclass E7.216: With feedback control only of the data rate, e.g., buffer fullness being used (EPO)

Class 382: Image Analysis

This is the generic class for apparatus and corresponding methods for the automated analysis of an image or recognition of a pattern. Included herein are systems that transform an image for the purpose of (a) enhancing its visual quality prior to recognition, (b) locating and registering the image relative to a sensor or stored prototype, or reducing the amount of image data by discarding irrelevant data, and (c) measuring significant characteristics of the image.

Subclass 236: Interframe coding (e.g., difference or motion detection)

Class 386: Television Signal Processing For Dynamic Recording Or Reproducing

Apparatus and corresponding processes for processing a sequence of images, in which the light variation composing the images may change with time for dynamic recording or reproducing of the sequence of images. The processing involves the following steps: (a) Receiving a sequence of images from a local (e.g., camera, etc.) or remote source (e.g. broadcasting station, satellite, cable, etc.); (b) Converting the received sequence of images into a form suitable for dynamic storage, which form may or may not be reproduced later; or (c) Converting retrieved information from a dynamic storage medium into a sequence of images.

Subclass E5.072: The recording apparatus and the television camera being placed in the same enclosure (EPO)

Class G9B/19.005: