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Software development tools - fundamental technology for embedded software (Java)    

Core technology for embedded software development tools; Java oriented


This is core technology for embedded software development.
The patents in this portfolio relate to development tools for editing, compiling, packaging, and testing source code.
These innovations focus on compressing or condensing executable code generated by a compiler, updating compressed code and providing automated regression test capabilities

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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 1:

Class 707: Data Processing:Database And File Management Or Data Structures

This is the generic class for data processing apparatus and corresponding methods for the retrieval of data stored in a database or as computer files. It provides for data processing means or steps for generic data, file and directory upkeeping, file naming, and file and database maintenance including integrity consideration, recovery, and versioning. There are three main divisions: 1. database and file accessing; 2. database schema and data structure; 3. file and database maintenance.

Class 717: Data Processing: Software Development, Installation, And Management

This class provides for software program development tool and techniques including processes and apparatus for controlling data processing operations pertaining to the development, maintenance, and installation of software programs. Such processes and apparatus include: processes and apparatus for program development functions such as specification, design, generation, and version management of source code programs; processes and apparatus for debugging of computer program including monitoring, simulation, emulation, and profiling of software programs; processes and apparatus for translating or compiling programs from a high-level representation to an intermediate code representation and finally into an object or machine code representation, including linking, and optimizing the program for subsequent execution; processes and apparatus for updating, installing, and version management of developed code.

Subclass 106: Code generation
Subclass 111: Dynamic
Subclass 153: Dynamic (i.e., machine or object level)
Subclass 169: Including multiple files