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Magneto Optical Storage    

The technology addresses the conversion of magneto-optic media to write-once media and the prevention of over-write errors.


The patented inventions relate to magneto optical technology including tracking and focusing of optical beams, read/write heads and high speed bias flipping write-erase magnet assemblies. Also inventions describe the conversion of magneto-optic media to write-once media and the prevention of over-write errors.

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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 369: Dynamic Information Storage Or Retrieval

Apparatus for the storage or retrieval of arbitrarily variable information which is retained in a storage medium by variation of a physical characteristic. The information is stored or retrieved by causing or sensing a variation of a physical characteristic of the storage medium by a transducer having relative motion along a continuous path.

Subclass 13.13: Integral transducers
Subclass 13.19: Rotating magnet
Subclass 44.14: Optical head servo system structure
Subclass 44.19: Head element pivots on arm (e.g., optical head disc arm etc.)
Subclass 44.27: Initialization/start-up or changing modes of system
Subclass 44.29: Servo loop gain/switching control
Subclass 44.34: Sampling servo system
Subclass 44.41: Arithmetic operation using plural photodetectors
Subclass 53.24: Having unrecorded location indicating
Subclass 53.33: Unwanted signal component indicating
Subclass 112.24: Plural distinct lenses
Subclass 275.2: Erasable, reversible or re-recordable

Class 250: Radiant Energy

This class provides for all methods and apparatus for using, generating, controlling or detecting radiant energy, combinations including such methods or apparatus, subcombinations of same and accessories therefore not classifiable elsewhere.

Subclass 201.5: With optical storage medium; e.g., optical disc, etc.

Class G9B/7.07:

Class G9B/7.076:

Class G9B/7.092:

Class G9B/7.134:

Class G9B/7.089:

Class G9B/7.091:

Class G9B/7.093:

Class 385: Optical Waveguides

(1) An optical waveguiding element, which conveys light from one point to another through an optically transparent elongated structure by modal transmission, total internal reflection, or total reflectorization. (2) A combination of an optical waveguiding element with an additional broadly recited optical element which couples light or a combination. (3) A combination of an optical waveguiding element with structure which mechanically joins this waveguiding element with another or with a diverse optical element. (4) An optical modulator where the modulation of a light wave characteristic is performed exclusively within an optical waveguiding element. (5) Other miscellaneous devices formed of an optical waveguide (e.g., a waveguide sensing device) and supplemental devices which are limited to use with an optical waveguide (e.g., an external clamp or retainer).

Subclass 33: Lens

Class G9B/11.025:

Class G9B/11.029:

Class G9B/11.046:

Class G9B/7.107:

Class 711: Electrical Computers And Digital Processing Systems: Memory

This class provides, within an electrical computer or digital data processing system, for the following processes and apparatus 1. for addressing memory wherein the processes and apparatus involve significant address manipulating (e.g., combining, translating, or mapping and other techniques for formatting and modifying address data) and are combined with specific memory configurations or memory systems; 2. for accessing and controlling memory (e.g., transferring and modifying address data, selecting storage devices, scheduling access); and 3. for forming memory addresses (e.g., virtual memory addressing, address translating, translation-lookaside buffers (TLBs), boundary checking, and page mode).

Subclass 156: Status storage
Subclass 161: Archiving

Class G9B/11.054:

Class G9B/19.005:

Class G9B/20.059:

Class G9B/11.028:

Class G9B/11.041:

Class G9B/11.044:

Class G9B/7.055:

Class G9B/7.062:

Class G9B/7.082:

Class G9B/7.083:

Class G9B/7.097:

Class G9B/11.036:

Class G9B/11.037:

Class G9B/33.035:

Class G9B/11.053:

Class G9B/27.026:

Class G9B/7.005: