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Digital Watermarking System    

2 US patents toward a Digital Watermarking System


These two digital watermarking patents include a new and improved watermarking system and technique for use with video and audio. The technology can be applied directly to compressed media data/frames with variable lengths (as opposed to a common fixed length) which tremendously reduces the amount of data needed to be processed and increases the degree of difficulty for tampering without being detected.
The technology generates a new digital signature for each compressed frame based upon the current compressed frame and the previously generated signature. The digital signature is correlated with the previously generated signature in a process in which the compressed frame and the digital signature involved in the digital signature generation process are determined through a frame correlation vector and a signature correlation vector. This technology makes the piracy of the original media contents extremely difficult, and the detection of the piracy very easy to implement, if any frame has been modified, all the signatures corresponding to that frame and beyond will be inconsistent with the original frame being copied.

Primary Application of the Technology

This watermarking system can be applied to any continuous digital media such as video and audio.

Competitive Advantage

- Reduces the amount of data needed to be processed.
- Increases the degree of difficulty for tampering without being detected.
- Makes the piracy of the original media contents difficult and the detection of the piracy easy to implement.

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Class 382: Image Analysis

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Equipment and processes which (a) conceal or obscure intelligible information by transforming such information so as to make the information unintelligible to a casual or unauthorized recipient, or (b) extract intelligible information from such a concealed representation, including breaking of unknown codes and messages.