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New Multimedia Audio Visual Experience    

A new audio-visual presentation system, an innovative audio-visual gallery in an echo-less chamber.


A new multimedia experience that immerses the user in silence and then visually stimulates the user with a series of images intended to enhance the process of immersion.

A catalog of audio-visual works that are specially conceived for the technology will play on various components of silence. The catalog of audio-visual work will thus be the result of close cooperation between artists, film directors and editors, and scientists.

This new audio-visual presentation system can be used in many different ways. Diffusion of experimental films, commission to artists, photographers, all favoring a cinematic approach.

How Does It Work?
The show takes place in an anechoic chamber: a 15-square-meter experimental room without any echo. Large fiberglass wedges mounted on the walls and the ceiling of the chamber absorb echoes or reflections. Fixed or animated images, with or without narration, silent or sonorous (relativity of silence), are broadcast to a very limited audience(2 persons maximum).

The spectator is immersed in a deep silence that does not exist in nature.
Indeed, any natural environment produces echoes, even if the sounds are not directly perceived by the individuals.

The technology uses psychophysical and dreamlike properties of silence to immerse the visitor in a condition of consciousness likely to make them discover other levels of reality. Discover a new emotion, a new sensation, a new way to watch images being in an immersion world like you have never experienced. Even diving deep in the sea, in outer space, or in the womb, you will never have experienced such a silent world as exists with this unique technology.

In general, deep silence creates a remarkable perceptive impact where subjects cease to be aware of their physical selves: it increases their responsiveness and puts them in a state where they are freed from their usual aural and somatic references.

This concept of silence is being studied by two research laboratories.

Primary Application of the Technology

Entertainment: art - cinema - video games.
Tiny cinema box (maximum 2 persons) to live a sensational first experience of new presentation system of images and access to unknown level of consciousness (as in a dream, as the phase of endormissement in the sleep with alpha and beta waves); in a deep immersion process.

Who would use it? Cinema customers, art exhibit visitors, video art fans, audio-visual new experience.
The technology could be use in different applications from new cinema, new art movement, artist tool, a park ride, a relaxation tool,...

Where they would use it? In an airport, in a cinema hall, in the subway, in an art museum, shopping mall/store. It has many potential applications.

Other Potential Applications

Relaxation - relaxing spa...

Fun shopping experience : while shopping in the mall or store, you stop for 5 minutes in the chamber watching a visual extract, allowing shoppers to rest, relax...then according scientists, after being relaxed you continue to shop and buy more.

Competitive Advantage

Unique - immersion experience.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

An initial fee and royalty payments would be preferred. There are some ethical restrictions on who will be allowed to develop this type of immersion experience.

The seller would like to be granted a license back.

The seller may consider selling these patents individually.