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SIP Peer-to-Peer Communications Platform    

Product and technology for server-less VoIP phone systems and web applications.


SIP Peer-to Peer is a new technology that enables low cost VoIP, video and IM communications systems without telco infrastructure. It enables highly scalable, highly available deployments at a fraction of the cost of traditional architectures and without softswitches or VoIP hardware.

Applications include: enterprisse and office phone systems (IP-PBX without the server), Communications enabled web pages for social networks and eCommerce, mobile web, CRM, coomunication service provider deployments.
This offering provides an excellent starting point into the SIP Peer to Peer (P2P-SIP) space. It includes:
a. Four core-technology SIP Peer-to-Peer patent applications.
b. A completed product: A full, server-less communications system that provides the functionality of IP PBX, and more. Delivered as a software libraries that can be embedded in phones or computers. Fully documented and tested by a tier-1 carrier. Allows devices to communicate with voice, text IM, and presence.
c. A demonstration system: Web version of the full system, allows anyone to add SIP based communications suite to their web page or mobile applications without softswitches or VoIP hardware. Allows scalable on-demand voice/IM/presence with no download. Simple web API running in the browser.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Low cost, scalable implementations of communications systems.
Enhanced reliability (no central system).

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Peer to Peer implementation.

Primary Application of the Technology

1. Enterprise telephony - large, as well as small enterprise and SOHO PBX
2. Social networks

Other Potential Applications

Enterprise telephony
Small enterprise and SOHO PBX
Social networks
Emergency response systems
Enhanced privacy VoIP/web communications systems
CRM (Customer service)
Mobile web
Communications services
Communications enabled web pages

Competitive Advantage

Very low cost
Scalability and expandability
Available on-demand


- Embedded in telephones or
- Operates directly from web browsers
- Embedded in computers

Notes on Development Status

The core product (b) released and tested.
Web implementation (c) is available as a demonstration system.

Platforms Supported

Mac, Linux, embedded Linux and Windows.
Web browsers

Notes on Sales Status

Positively tested by a tier-1 carrier, but planned deployment too far away for the developing company that ceased its operation.
The web version is in a trial with a social networking company.
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