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Technology for Sale:

Video Server/Client Software    

Video Sever and Client Software for Remote Monitoring and Surveillance


State of the Art Video Server Software for remote monitoring and surveillance. Includes security server for access control, Video NVR Server with multiprotocol communication and client interfaces.  Client software includes a flexible VB environment for custom configuration.  ActiveX controls.  Have installed in several locations.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

The technology is an open architecture software solution that eliminates the need for proprietary hardware and software.  Designed to provide a solution for remote monitoring  / surveillance while integrated into existing IP based networks.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Software based system, supports installed IT Infrastructures.  Communicates with multiple protocols to allow for IP based event triggers, remote client interface, flexible VB based operator interface for custom configuration, ActiveX controls for flexible use in multiple environments.  Compatible with Microsoft NT, XP, 2000 and 2003 platforms. The technology is a software solution that eliminates the need for proprietary hardware and software. 

Primary Application of the Technology

The primary markets are
Government Facilities, School Facilities, Water/Waste Water Facilities, Power Generation Facilities, Fuel Stations, etc.
The product is presented as a network based system that can be integrated into existing systems.  In specific cases, the client software ActiveX components can be integrated into "other ActiveX" software packages (SCADA, Web Based, etc.)

Other Potential Applications

Product is suited for commercial and residential applications.  Industrial monitoring and plant facilities should also be considered.

Competitive Advantage

Open architecture software based solution with very flexible client interface (VB and ActiveX).  Internal protocol engine for device communication which provides for additional device driver integration.


Software is installed via CD medium.  Software requires configuration and setup for camera, device and client interface.  The architecture is as follows:
SVR Server software with security server is installed on a single server pc.
The software is configured to interface with IP based cameras (or Analog to IP converters).
The SVR Server software is configured with a user selectable protocol interface to communicate with external devices for remote recording, camera positioning and event triggers.
Client software is installed and configured for remote video communications.  This can include the standard client software or the flexible VB interface utilizing ActiveX components.

Development Platform

System developed utilizing Microsoft C++ IDE technology.

Notes on Development Status

Product has been developed and deployed.  Development continued until December 2005.  Focus shifted to sale of technology.

Platforms Supported

Windows NT, XP, 2000, 2003 Server.

Notes on Sales Status

Sales figures include hardware.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

Sale of all rights of SecondSight Video Software to include SecondSight source code for NVR, Security Server, Client and ActiveX components, Product Name Rights, Logo, Marketing Material, Development Notes, Customer Contact Lists