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Scanning technologies in standalone scanners or multifunctional printers (MFPs)


These inventions relate to scanning technologies in standalone scanners or multifunctional printers (MFPs). Other patents relate to support for double-sided document scanning, improved accuracy of scan motion, minimized bleeding-through, multiple resolution scanning support, as well as, text identification and concurrent scanning - printing ability for MFPs.

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this Patent Portfolio:

Class 358: Facsimile And Static Presentation Processing

Communication or reproduction of a static image or sequence of static images in which the local light, or density variations composing the image do not vary with time by a method or apparatus involving at least one of the following steps: (1) scanning a static image to capture an image-containing area by resolving it into an area; (2) communication of an image-representative signal or image-representative data over any supporting communication network; or (3) reproduction of an image-containing area in response to an image-representative signal or image-representative image data by reproducing a corresponding image area which at least one of the two dimensions is elemental, simultaneously or in a sequence. In this class, a facsimile system or method is a system or method for the communication or reproduction of an arbitrarily composed image in which the local light, or density variations composing the image do not vary with time, such as documents maps, charts, photographs, etc., but not motion picture film or video.

Subclass 1.12: Detail of medium positioning (e.g., movement to or from presentation location of medium, etc.)
Subclass 1.13: Emulation or plural modes
Subclass 1.15: Communication
Subclass 1.16: Memory
Subclass 1.18: Detail of image placement or content
Subclass 1.2: Size, resolution, or scale control
Subclass 1.3: Plotter
Subclass 296: Recording apparatus
Subclass 401: Image reproduction system
Subclass 402: Electronic mailbox
Subclass 414: With particular clutch mechanism
Subclass 440: Telephone number or address of designator
Subclass 462: Text and image detection and processing
Subclass 472: Combined read and write head
Subclass 473: Hand-held reader
Subclass 474: Scanning
Subclass 475: Facsimile illumination control
Subclass 486: Scan rate or document movement variation in accordance with data presence
Subclass 488: Document position detection
Subclass 496: Document moves during scanning
Subclass 498: Document feed
Subclass 505: Scanning
Subclass 509: Illumination

Class 399: Electrophotography

Electrophotographically reproducing an original by the action of light directly from the original to a photoconductive member whose electrical conductivity, electrical charge, magnetic condition, or electrical emissivity of a photoconductive medium is selectively altered by the action of light to produce an electrostatic latent image which persists after imaging based upon differences in such electrical property. The latent image is made visible by development; and the developed image may be made permanent by transfer and fixing, or fixing.

Subclass 16: Document handling
Subclass 379: Platen
Subclass 380: Having cover

Class 382: Image Analysis

This is the generic class for apparatus and corresponding methods for the automated analysis of an image or recognition of a pattern. Included herein are systems that transform an image for the purpose of (a) enhancing its visual quality prior to recognition, (b) locating and registering the image relative to a sensor or stored prototype, or reducing the amount of image data by discarding irrelevant data, and (c) measuring significant characteristics of the image.

Subclass 229: Context analysis or word recognition (e.g., character string)
Subclass 312: IMAGE SENSING

Class 313: Electric Lamp And Discharge Devices

This is the generic class for electric lamp and electric space discharge device structure. Examples of such devices are electric incandescent lamps, gas or vapor filled electric discharge tubes, including lamps, mercury arc devices, vacuum discharge tubes, radio tubes, cyclotrons, cathode-ray tubes, photosensitive discharge devices, secondary emission electron multipliers, spark plugs, and open air arc and spark devices.

Subclass 484: With gaseous discharge medium
Subclass 485: Phosphor on envelope wall
Subclass 635: Envelope layer or coating

Class 355: Photocopying

Apparatus and methods for photos: graphically copying information from an original or carrier that is not classified elsewhere, generally employing a concentrated source of light and an image receiving medium with a photosensitive emulsion surface. Various plural and composite types of copies are included such as those involving plural projected images including multicolor and duplex.

Subclass 75: Detailed holder for original

Class 250: Radiant Energy

This class provides for all methods and apparatus for using, generating, controlling or detecting radiant energy, combinations including such methods or apparatus, subcombinations of same and accessories therefore not classifiable elsewhere.

Subclass 208.1: Plural photosensitive image detecting element arrays
Subclass 239: Housings (in addition to cell casing)
Subclass 566: Including coded record