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Temporary Collapsible Shelter for Workers    

Made with electrically insulating, non-conducting, fire resistant material.


A protective collapsible shelter that is dielectric and provides protection from lightning and high voltage power lines for workers . The invention can be used as a temporary shelter in an open environment or collapsed and closed it can be used for storage purposes.

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this Patent:

Class 135: Tent, Canopy, Umbrella, Or Cane

Portable coverings, formed of flexible material, for protection from mosquitoes, flies, and other insects, and from the weather, frames and supports for the same, and canes and other sticks or staffs used as aids to locomotion.

Subclass 115: Cover for shelter
Subclass 16: Combined
Subclass 33.2: Cover or lining feature
Subclass 98: Umbrella-type

Class 182: Fire Escape, Ladder, Or Scaffold

(1) structures supported in spaced relation to the earth"s surface for supporting a workman adjacent a structure being worked on, (2) means for climbing comprising a stile having steps or rungs, (3) means ancillary to normal egress means to traverse a vertical distance to facilitate quick escape from a structure in case of emergency not elsewhere provided for and (4) torso harness, for rescue or escape operations, with or without a tether anchored to the work or to a worker"s support.