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Strap Assemblies for Medical Devices    

Supports one or more devices mountable on patient.


Strap assemblies for supporting one or more devices mountable on patient; such as drainage reservoir or other medical device - designed with exterior seaming to avoid skin irritation, while wearing such assembly in bed rest. Available in halter or suspender.

The strap assembly alleviates the need to "pin" medical devices to day or night clothes, while offering greater convenience in frequent maintenance of drainage systems - 24 hours a day, during numerous days or weeks of healing. Easy wash and dry. Safe in showers. A great relief to both patient and care giver.

The strap assembly is easy wash, quick dry and can be used in the shower. It is constructed in soft, durable acetate webbing - comfortable over or under garments, in or out of shower. It facilitates eight plus medical devices.

Primary Application of the Technology

Hospitals, outpatient surgery facilities, at-home or care centers, patients requiring multi-post surgery drainage systems during recovery period.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 604: Surgery

Class 224: Package And Article Carriers

Specially adapted to be supported upon some person or object. The carrying feature predominates. Lifters and grapples are excluded because the hoisting or lifting feature is considered to control.

Subclass 257: Flaccid attaching means looped around neck or crossing shoulder
Subclass 259: Two attaching means crossing different shoulders
Subclass 260: Article-suspending hanger on each side of torso
Subclass 261: And framework or rigid shield
Subclass 262: And attaching means extending circumferentially of torso
Subclass 270: Article supported on horizontally extending member
Subclass 625: Carrier having single shoulder or neck engaging means and attaching means extending circumferentially of torso
Subclass 638: Attaching means positioned at chest