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Multipurpose Portable Lock (Elephant Lock)    

Multipurpose Portable Lock


A portable multipurpose lock having a shackle base with two parallel rods having opposing interior sides with spaced-apart detents, an adjustable lock body with through holes for slidable insertion of the rods, a lock for engaging the rods to secure and lock the lock body on the rods, and one or more recesses formed in the shackle base, lock body, or both, which facilitates placement of the lock around an object or objects to be secured.

Primary Application of the Technology

Lock / security / safety companies and/or manufacturers.

Other Potential Applications

homes, buildings, businesses, bikes, lockers, doors, French doors, side by side refrigerators, steering wheels, etc.

Competitive Advantage

It can be used just about anywhere that a chain and padlock would be used, but it is easier and more convenient.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

We are seeking a licensing agreement with an upfront lump sum and ongoing royalty payments.

Additional Information

Prototypes have been developed

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 70: Locks

A lock is defined as a securing device or a plurality of devices including mechanism requiring means unknown or inaccessible to or beyond the control of the public, or secret means, or secret knowledge, or a combination of such means and knowledge for successful normal operation to a releasing condition. Generally, these devices embody fixed or movable blocking elements or impediments hindering or precluding unauthorized or suppertitious manipulation except by the means above noted, or secret knowledge, usually a special, prearranged or predetermined key or combination of movements.

Class 292: Closure Fasteners

Bolt elements and latching devices, not combined with lock structure, for securing in closed or adjusted position any closure element, such as a door, window, gate, trunk-lid, box-cover, bag-frame, or the like.

Subclass 258: Portable
Subclass 259R: CROSS BARS
Subclass 288: PORTABLE