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Portable, Efficient Tracheotomy Device    

Technique and equipment allow for a tracheotomy to be performed on a patient.


Technique and equipment allow for a tracheotomy to be performed on a patient, quickly and efficiently without necessarily requiring the skills of a surgeon. The tracheotomy could be performed by a bystander or other individual immediately upon determining that the Heimlich maneuver has been unsuccessful or is not feasible. It would be valuable to have such a device where choking and blockages are likely to be encountered, for example within restaurants, commercial airplanes, and emergency response vehicles.

Primary Application of the Technology

medical device industry

Other Potential Applications

hospitals, clinics, ambulances, schools, nursing homes, gyms

Competitive Advantage

In an emergency situation it is a life-saving device that eliminates the need for surgery and provides an immediate airway.

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We are seeking a licensing agreement with an upfront lump sum and ongoing royalty payments.

The seller would like to be granted a license back.

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