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Aircraft Landing Gear Patents    

A lower split bearing and electrical harness for aircraft landing gear systems.


Aircraft landing gear patents are available for sale:
1) An improved split bearing for use with an aircraft landing gear assembly - the technology includes four components adapted for assembly into an integral and complete nose gear lower bearing that permits removal of the main wear component without the need to completely disassemble the nose gear. The split bearing includes first and second semi-cylindrical sleeve components adapted for installation in surrounding relation with the piston tube of a hydraulically actuated landing gear system of an aircraft. A retaining flange secures the split-bearing sleeve.
2) An enhanced modular landing gear harness for use on a jet aircraft. The harness is divided into four sub-assemblies together with the main sub-assembly, the brake temperature monitoring sub-assembly, the weight off wheels sub-assembly, and the anti-skid sub-assembly. The different sub-assemblies may be connected to form a unitary harness that offer a protective conduit for wiring for critical landing gear systems. The use of light-weight composite connectors make possible troubleshooting and substantially reduces the overall weight of the harness assembly.

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Aerospace and aircraft engineering

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