Technology for License:

Procedure for Treatment of Meat Industrial Waste    

A new procedure for the pre-treatment and two-stage thermal treatment of meat industrial solid phase or sludge waste


The newly developed technology is based on the complex utilization of the following raw materials:
- livestock wastes, TSE free animal organs, manure, semi-liquid manure, food-processing industrial wastes, canning industrial wastes, diary industrial wastes, technological sewage sludge
- meat meal, solid phase or semi-liquid phase biogas residues, animal meat, animal hair, animal skin, eggs, diary products, feathers

The aim of the technology is to provide a composted end-product, which can be potentially used for soil-improvement and conditioning with high total organic matter, total N, total P, total K content.

The technology procedure includes 3 phases,
1. Pre-treatment
2. Two-stage thermal treatment
3. Composting

Primary Application of the Technology

- waste treatment and recycling industry
- food processing industry
- meat industry
- plant nutrition
- agrochemistry

Competitive Advantage

- The pre-treatment of meat industrial wastes induces significant reduction of indicator number of total coliform number during storage.
- The complex controlled composting procedure results in an environmentally friendly product for plant nutrition and soil improvement.
- Via controlled treatment composted meat industrial product has significantly higher organic matter, total N, total P content than manures from conventional mesophilic and thermophilic digesting procedure.
- The compost product is an organic source for revitalization of mine spoils and municipal solid waste landfills during re-cultivation

Notes on Development Status

The product is available for demonstration but not yet patented.