Technology for License:

Procedure for Composting of Solid Phase Animal Manure    

A new procedure for composting of solid and liquid phase animal manures.


The technology commutes the expensive and environment pollutant chemical fertilizers to environmentally friendly compost based soil manures for plant nutrition under different soil conditions.

The offered composting technology is suitable for composting of different solid and liquid phase feedlot manures through recycling of by-products from coal or energy plant combustion. It results compost end-product which has high fertilizer value, organic matter, total N, total P, total K content and harmonious trace element content. The whole composting process is not longer than 70-90 days.

Primary Application of the Technology

The offered technology can be used by all kind of animal husbandry companies.

Competitive Advantage

- The utilization of environmentally friendly by-products (essential plant oils) results significant reduction in total coliform and f. streptococcus number within 48 hours.
- The complex utilization of animal manures, water treatment residues and by-products from energy plant and coal combustion provides the reduction of environmental risk during composting and land disposal of compost product.
- The compost end-product is a potential organic source for a direct land disposal under integrated or ecological management system.
- The result of full-scale experiments demonstrated that compost product is suitable for soil improvement in acidic mine spoils or municipal solid waste landfills during re-cultivation.

Notes on Development Status

International patent is granted.