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Alcohol Resistant Emulsion    

A monohydric alcohol containing oil/water emulsion


A multiphase emulsion - the technology creates a monohydric alcohol containing emulsion, substances that are totally insoluble in water and oils but soluble in an alcohol can be stably controlled in the emulsion. This fundamental technology provides for many new techniques, for example, the manufacture of fine droplet size emulsions.

Primary Application of the Technology

Foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals etc.

Patent Summary

European Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this Patent:

Class B01F17: Performing Operations; Transporting - Physical Or Chemical Processes Or Apparatus In General

Mixing, e.g. dissolving, emulsifying, dispersing. Use of substances as emulsifying, wetting, dispersing or foam-producing agents.

Class A61K8: Human Necessities - Medical Or Veterinary Science; Hygiene

Preparations for medical, dental, or toilet purposes. Cosmetic or similar toilet preparations.

Class A61Q19: Human Necessities - Medical Or Veterinary Science; Hygiene

Use of cosmetics or similar toilet preparations. Preparations for care of the skin.

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