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Scanning Probe Microscope Device    

A delay time modulated and time resolved microscope device


The technology provides direct measurement of a probe signal component that is reliant on a delay time between ultrashort laser pulses and measurements unaffected by a fluctuation in the intensity of ultrashort laser pulses, and stops the probe apex from thermal expansion and shrinkage. It is therefore possible to measure a photoexcited physical phenomenon at a temporal resolution in the order of femtoseconds and at a spatial resolution in the order of angstroms. It can also directly measure a probe signal component that is reliant on a delay time between ultrashort laser pulses different in wavelength, that allows acquisition of knowledge of a higher order photoexcited physical phenomenon.

The technology is particularly helpful when employed for the elucidation of a photoexcited physical phenomenon which occurs in a local area of nanoscale, and in a time period in the order of femtoseconds.

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