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Medicine Watch    

A watch that opens into a pillbox, eliminates the worry of missed medication doses as an alarm on the watch reminds you when it is time to take your medication.


The medical watch is an alarm watch that opens into a pillbox. The face of the watch is on a hinge with a secure safety closure. There are three or four pill compartments inside the base of the watch, allowing the wearer to carry a full days supply of medication. The watch can be manufactured in a variety of styles - wrist watch, neck watch, pocket watch, bracelet watch with two extra pill compartments.

The watch is a pillbox as well as an alarm watch, and eliminates the need to carry medication bottles or a separate medication container that can get easily get misplaced.

Primary Application of the Technology

Medical equipment and pharmaceutical industry

Other Potential Applications

Pharmacies, drug stores, doctors offices, laboratories, clinics, convenience stores

Competitive Advantage

The medical watch is a device that blends convenience with practicality. Consumers wearing the watch will take their medications on time, and can easily sort their pills in the watchs separated compartments.

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