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Optical Disk Drive (ODD) Electronics    

Including Read/Write Technology


These inventions include:

* Sampled data rate conversion for audio, video, & data
* Content table/tag control for DRM
* Content table/tag display
* Land/groove read/write accommodation
* Error correction through multi channel reading
* Pickup lens aberration elimination

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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 708: Electrical Computers: Arithmetic Processing And Calculating

This is the generic class for electrical apparatus and corresponding methods for performing calculation operations. There are three main divisions: 1. electrical hybrid calculating computers; 2. electrical digital calculating computers; 3. electrical analog calculating computers.

Subclass 313: Decimation/interpolation
Subclass 316: Having multiplexing

Class 341: Coded Data Generation Or Conversion

1) originating or emitting a coded set of discrete signals or 2) translating one code into another code wherein the information signal content remains the same but the formats may differ. For classification herein, at least one of the codes must be a set of pulses or digits and electrical in nature.

Subclass 123: Having variable sampling rate

Class 369: Dynamic Information Storage Or Retrieval

Apparatus for the storage or retrieval of arbitrarily variable information which is retained in a storage medium by variation of a physical characteristic. The information is stored or retrieved by causing or sensing a variation of a physical characteristic of the storage medium by a transducer having relative motion along a continuous path.

Subclass 30.1: Transducer movement control using recorded information indicative of location of information (e.g., track address)
Subclass 44.13: Dithering or wobbling the beam or track
Subclass 44.29: Servo loop gain/switching control
Subclass 44.37: Plural incident beams
Subclass 44.41: Arithmetic operation using plural photodetectors
Subclass 47.22: Having location identification information
Subclass 47.26: Within a frequency band
Subclass 47.48: By synchronous signal
Subclass 53.21: For protection
Subclass 103: Holographic
Subclass 112.1: Holographic
Subclass 112.15: Holographic

Class G9B/27.025:

Class G9B/7.031:

Class G9B/7.067:

Class G9B/7.088:

Class 360: Dynamic Magnetic Information Storage Or Retrieval

This class is an integral part of Class 369, Dynamic Information Storage or Retrieval, and is the specific class for apparatus and corresponding processes for the storage and retrieval of information based on relative movement between a magnetic record carrier and a transducer. It includes apparatus and corresponding processes for making copies or editing of records falling within the above definition. A magnetic record carrier within the meaning of this class is an element which consists of a magnetizable material or is comprised of a coating or impregnation of magnetizable material which is intended for the storage of more than a single bit of information.

Subclass 48: Data in specific format
Subclass 53: Data verification

Class G9B/19.005:

Class G9B/19.017:

Class G9B/27.012:

Class G9B/27.019:

Class G9B/27.021:

Class G9B/27.05:

Class G9B/27.051:

Class G9B/7.018:

Class G9B/7.043:

Class G9B/7.136:

Class 359: Optical: Systems And Elements

Optical elements included in this class are: Lenses; Polarizers; Diffraction gratings; Prisms; Reflectors; Filters; Projection screens; Optical Modulators; Optical Demodulators. Among the optical systems included in this class are: Compound lens systems; Light reflecting signalling systems (e.g., retroreflectors); stereoscopic systems; Binocular devices; Systems of lenticular elements; Systems involving light interference; Glare reducing systems; Light dividing and combining systems; Light control systems (e.g., light valves); building illumination with natural light; Systems for protecting or shielding elements; Optical systems whose operation depends upon polarizing, diffracting, dispersing, reflecting, or refracting light; kaleidoscopes. Further included are certain apertures, closures, and viewing devices of a specialized nature which involve no intentional reflection, refraction, or filtering of light rays. This class also includes optical elements combined with another type of structure(s) to constitute an optical element combined with a nonoptical structure or a perfection or improvement in the optical element.

Subclass 15: Using a hologram as an optical element
Subclass 318: By reflection
Subclass 319: Focusing

Class G9B/7.138:

Class G9B/7.113: