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Heated Underwater Diving Suit    

Thermal underwater diving suit heated by silicon element with heating controller.


A self contained heated underwater diving suits with electronically controlled silicon gel heating elements. Innovative and valuable invention on the cutting edge of diving technology. A heated underwater diving suit with:

- Two liquid impervious sheets that form a cavity; silicon gel based heating element between the sheets; and

- A heating controller.

Broad coverage of a simple but innovative design.

Primary Application of the Technology

Diving for military, police, recreational, professional, aquamarine science

Competitive Advantage

The technology is superior because it allows for extended diving time using its simple yet innovative design, broadly covered by the patent.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this Patent:

Class 405: Hydraulic And Earth Engineering

The control or treatment of water in open channels, naturally or artificially occurring bodies of water, or of water otherwise lying on the earth"s surface. The control or treatment of earth material is situ, and the securement or stabilization of structures in the earth. Storage of fluid in underground cavities and disposal of waste in the earth. Tunnel construction or pipe or cable laying or retrieving. Apparatus and methods by which underwater work operations may be performed. Apparatus and methods for launching a marine vessel into or removing it from a body of water, transportation of a vessel across dry land, or exposing a normally wetted surface, e.g., a vessel"s hull, to the atmosphere.

Subclass 186: Suit or accessory therefor

Class 2: Apparel

Garments and other devices to be worn by mankind to adorn, cover or protect the body or person. Included within the class are (1) such garments or devices, per se, (2) combinations of such garments or devices with other things where the combination is not elsewhere provided for, (3) processes of, and patterns for making such garments or devices, (4) subcombinations of garments and the like, not elsewhere provided for and processes of manufacture relating to such subcombinations, and (5) garment supporters and retainers.

Subclass 2.15: Underwater divers body cover
Subclass 2.16: Having an insulation layer

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