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Technique for Gene Therapy or Reproductive Treatment    

The current technology is a practical method for introducing an extracellular substance into a female reproductive cell, useful for fertilization or modification of germ cells.


The technique is safe for the ovum, it allows for a simple and efficient introduction of either sperm, nucleic acid, protein or cell nucleus to the ovum. The ovum is treated with an inhibitor, promoting fusion between the ovum and the extracellular substance.

Primary Application of the Technology

In the field of gene therapy, reproductive treatment, or developmental engineering.

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Class C12N15: Chemistry; Metallurgy - Biochemistry; Beer; Spirits; Wine; Vinegar; Microbiology; Enzymology; Mutation Or Genetic Engineering

Micro-organisms or enzymes; compositions thereof. Mutation or genetic engineering; dna or rna concerning genetic engineering, vectors, e.g. plasmids, or their isolation, preparation or purification; use of hosts therefor.