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Means and Device for Purifying Ground Water Polluted by Nitrate Nitrogen    

Proficient, safe and economical process for the purification of ground water for drinking and irrigation use, polluted by nitrate nitrogen


A new safe purification technique that allows for the efficient use of carbon sources and the concentration of denitrificans, and does not need the addition of heavy metals. By utilizing starch as the carbon source, there isnt a problem with toxicity.

Primary Application of the Technology

Drinking water, irrigation.

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Class 210: Liquid Purification Or Separation

Treating water or waste liquid, and when not more specifically provided for, the class for patents directed to treating liquids in general or of any kind and provides (1) process and apparatus for (a) separating a component from (b) purifying or (c) effecting a change in water or waste liquid, such process or apparatus not being more specifically provided for in another class; (2) process of treating liquids in general and treating liquid compositions of either general or diverse utilities; (3) apparatus not provided for in other classes, for performing the foregoing processes and treating liquids of any kind; (4) filter materials or compositions peculiar to the above-mentioned processes; and (5) Processes for purification of liquids containing hazardous or toxic waste to produce a nonhazardous or nontoxic product.

Subclass 615: Utilizing contact surfaces supporting microorganism (e.g., trickling filter, etc.)
Subclass 660: Ion exchange or selective sorption
Subclass 691: From aqueous material

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TREATMENT OF WATER, WASTE WATER, SEWAGE, OR SLUDGE . Biological treatment of water, waste water, or sewage .