Patent Portfolio for Sale:

World's First Ultra-High Speed SMD Fuse    


TYNAX presents a new developed fast acting SMD fuse component with a new technology, trade secrets and patent pending portfolio for sale consisting of 2 US and Israel patent applications relating to the fast acting SMD fuse. Inventions include a major cost savings and methods with improved performance of fast acting SMD fuse. The fast acting SMD fuse patent pending portfolio and technology offered addresses processes and methods to improve the performance, reduce the cost of fuse manufacturing of current market and enable a new market of low current fuses that could not be fulfilled with the current fuse manufacturing.

The cost saving fuse based on new technology use different approach for fuse manufacturing, resulting in considerably lower production cost and higher performance than what is currently used in the industry. The patent pending fuse uses a new technology of Glasswire, a microwire coated with glass, attached to termination and protective coating. The Glasswire acting as fuse, it is low cost and easy to use. The result is a very simple process of fast acting fuse, ability to create low and high current fuses in the same lower cost, lower DCR and lower voltage drop. The proof of concept for the patent pending fast acting fuse has been validated by creating engineering samples, and by a fuse manufacturing company, which validated the technology and the performance.

This new developed fast acting SMD fuse component is extremely important for the semiconductor industry where cost reduction is key, low DCR and low voltage drop become more significant after the industry moved to use lower voltage core. It is also equally important to enable other industries that desperately need low current SMD fuse, such as the oil and gas sector that are willing to pay very high prices for low current fuses, that no other fuse manufacturer can fulfill it.

Competitive Advantage

- Patent-pending component based on the new proprietary technology
- No R&D risk - technology validated, including by a third party company
- More than 80% reduction in fuse production cost
- More than 80% profit margin
- Lowest DCR and voltage drop in the market
- Enabling a new market of low rated current fuse under 125mA
- Easy setup for production
- Significant market opportunity
- Excellent return on investment potential