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Ground breaking advances in RF MEMs switch technology and products


The seller has made ground breaking advances in RF MEMs switch technology and products. RF MEMS switches have been widely anticipated for some time, yet no organization has yet been able to deliver a commercially viable product. The seller has product samples of what is the first commercially viable RF MEMS switch. The company is unique because it has developed the technology and techniques that enable a cost structure that works for the largest market for these components, the mobile phone industry.

Primary Application of the Technology

The only company with low cost, manufacturable, patented wafer level sealing technology applicable to products across MEMS product lines

Other Potential Applications

Capable Of Integration
Additional RF Components Can Be Built On Either The Glass Or Silicon Substrate
Developing Process For CMOS Integration
Manufacturing process requires very low cost and does not require much capital investment

Competitive Advantage

Technology Benefits

Company Has The Best Combination Of Low Insertion Loss, High Isolation, Fast Switching Speed And High Reliability

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

Company has the technology to produce high performance RF MEMS switches at a cost structure ultra compatible with the cell phone industry. Additionally, the architecture provides a path forward for future integration of other passive components in the same, low cost packaging solution. Company is very efficiently run business unit with low cost structure, innovative technology, excellent engineering talent with deep understanding of the entire system level product solution. Value proposition highlights are as follows.

Exceptional vision, technology and superlative expertise
Proprietary technology with very strong price advantages
Very good intellectual property position
Huge wide open market
High revenue potential
Strong competitive position
Excellent financial performance possible
Extraordinary business opportunity for long-term global success

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 333: Wave Transmission Lines And Networks

Electric wave transmission systems wherein electromagnetic wave energy is guided or constrained by a wave transmission device of the long line type other than loaded lines. Included are passive wave transmission networks simulating the characteristics of a long line wave transmission systems or wave guides, such as artificial lines, delay networks, resonators, impedance matching networks, equalizers, wave filters and transmission line terminations. Passive coupling networks and terminating networks having either lumped or distributed electrical circuit parameters and having impedance characteristics. Smoothing type wave filters having shunt capacitance, or series inductance. Networks including a wave transmission device and means for decreasing the amplitude range of the signal applied to the transmission device as the signal increases in amplitude and means for increasing or restoring the amplitude range of the signal after the transmission over the transmission device. Passive networks for producing an output wave which is the time derivative or time integral of the input wave. Systems including active elements for producing across at least two of the system terminals a negative resistance, and/or an inductance, or capacitance which may be positive or negative. Wave traps using long line elements.

Subclass 105: Having mechanical switching means
Subclass 262: Switch