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Wound Irrigation Equipment    

Wound irrigation protective shield - effectively protects medical staff from patient's body fluids, and patient's wounds from cross contamination.


The wound irrigation protective shield is simple and effective, it is designed to be used with syringes and suction equipment already available in all health-care facilities, making it quite inexpensive. The equipment effectively irrigates the wound scavenging it of irrigant fluid so there is neither a risk of cross-contamination with such hazardous germs such as HIV or hepatitis or a mess. The equipment allows for a more swift delivery of irrigant fluids at the right pressure so the total time needed to irrigate a wound is less, and it also prevents operator fatigue that occur in manual fluid delivery systems. The equipment incorporates a nozzle for the ingress of an irrigant, and an aperture for the irrigant to be evacuated by suction. The equipment is inexpensive to manufacture and sterilize for single patient use.

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