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Motion Assisting Equipment    

A device which when attached to an object imparts motions.


The invention, has a controller and a drive assembly which provides an articulated member having two pieces and arranged such that the pieces move relative to each other. The method of assembly allows for efficient motion for both an object that needs to fly or move along the surface. The assembly is very simple and if necessary can be very small.

Application for this invention are flying or walking devices for anything from personal transportation, an autonomous courier, a miniature spy or surveillance robot, supported by existing technology. The device can be modified to take a side fin instead of a wing, e.g. for use in manned or autonomous submersible, or be strapped to a divers back to offer propulsion.

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Class 244: Aeronautics And Astronautics

Machines or structures adapted to be: completely or partially sustained by the air (e.g., winged aircraft, helicopters, parachutes, kites, balloons, etc.); propelled and guided or stabilized through the air (e.g., projectiles with fins, guided missiles, etc.); placed in an orbit or which substantially operate outside the earth"s atmosphere (e.g., satellites, space vehicles, etc.); or subcombinations of these machines or structures.

Subclass 72: Beating wing