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Mobile Broadband Satellite Antenna    

Simple feed network & low cost & low profile multi-panel broadband antenna


Low profile mobile broadband satellite antenna.

Mobile broadband satellite communication systems are used for information & internet access or operational real-time telemetry by aircraft, shipping, road vehicles etc.

These inventions remove the complicated feed network & lowers cost of conventional low profile multi-panel broadband antenna. Also these inventions describe an ultra thin and mechanically more stable design than when using conventional orthogonal transducers. Other inventions describe a rotary joint that can handle high power magnetic waves without arching.

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this Patent:

Class 343: Communications: Radio Wave Antennas

Antennas for the transmission of radio wave energy through the natural media - air, earth, water, etc. for point-to-point communication or for the reception of such transmitted radio wave energy. Aparatus and systems which constitute part of an antenna transmission or reception.

Subclass 700MS: Microstrip
Subclass 757: With means for moving directive antenna for scanning, sweeping or orienting

Class 333: Wave Transmission Lines And Networks

Electric wave transmission systems wherein electromagnetic wave energy is guided or constrained by a wave transmission device of the long line type other than loaded lines. Included are passive wave transmission networks simulating the characteristics of a long line wave transmission systems or wave guides, such as artificial lines, delay networks, resonators, impedance matching networks, equalizers, wave filters and transmission line terminations. Passive coupling networks and terminating networks having either lumped or distributed electrical circuit parameters and having impedance characteristics. Smoothing type wave filters having shunt capacitance, or series inductance. Networks including a wave transmission device and means for decreasing the amplitude range of the signal applied to the transmission device as the signal increases in amplitude and means for increasing or restoring the amplitude range of the signal after the transmission over the transmission device. Passive networks for producing an output wave which is the time derivative or time integral of the input wave. Systems including active elements for producing across at least two of the system terminals a negative resistance, and/or an inductance, or capacitance which may be positive or negative. Wave traps using long line elements.

Subclass 117: Including hybrid-type network
Subclass 121: Having hybrid-T (e.g., magic-T)
Subclass 122: Using waveguide
Subclass 126: For providing frequency separation
Subclass 137: Using waveguide
Subclass 21A: Polarization converters
Subclass 257: In line