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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this Patent Portfolio:

Class 360: Dynamic Magnetic Information Storage Or Retrieval

This class is an integral part of Class 369, Dynamic Information Storage or Retrieval, and is the specific class for apparatus and corresponding processes for the storage and retrieval of information based on relative movement between a magnetic record carrier and a transducer. It includes apparatus and corresponding processes for making copies or editing of records falling within the above definition. A magnetic record carrier within the meaning of this class is an element which consists of a magnetizable material or is comprised of a coating or impregnation of magnetizable material which is intended for the storage of more than a single bit of information.

Subclass 135: Disk
Subclass 317: Combined with inductive write head in piggyback/merged configuration
Subclass 319: Detail of magnetic shielding
Subclass 324.1: Having one film pinned (e.g., spin valve)
Subclass 324.11: Detail of pinned film or additional film for affecting or biasing the pinned film
Subclass 324.2: Having tunnel junction effect
Subclass 46: Head amplifier circuit
Subclass 51: Data clocking
Subclass 75: Controlling the head
Subclass 77.08: Distinct servo sector
Subclass 98.01: Plural disks

Class 257: Active Solid-State Devices (E.G., Transistors, Solid-State Diodes)

This class provides for active solid-state electronic devices, that is, electronic devices or components that are made up primarily of solid materials, usually semiconductors, which operate by the movement of charge carriers - electrons or holes - which undergo energy level changes within the material and can modify an input voltage to achieve rectification, amplification, or switching action, and are not classified elsewhere.

Subclass E21.51: Mounting on metallic conductive member (EPO)
Subclass E21.514: Involving use of conductive adhesive (EPO)
Subclass E43.005: Selection of materials (EPO)

Class 324: Electricity: Measuring And Testing

This is the residual home for all subject matter, not elsewhere classified, relating to the measuring, testing (or sensing) of electric properties, (e.g., determining ground resistivity, determining frequency of an alternating current, determining kilowatt hour demand), or the measuring, testing or sensing of nonelectric properties by electric means (e.g., determining moisture, a nonelectric property, by measuring conductance with a resistance bridge; determining speed, a nonelectric property by use of an electric tachometer).

Subclass 207.21: Magnetoresistive
Subclass 210: Magnetic information storage element testing
Subclass 252: Semiconductor type solid-state or magnetoresistive magnetometers

Class 338: Electrical Resistors

Electrical resistors with solid, granular, or liquid resistance elements. These resistors may be either fixed or variable in resistance value. Semiconductors are included if limited by claimed subject matter to resistance properties, such as exists in photoconductive and thermistor type resistors. Included also are resistors with perfecting structure such as resistors whose resistance value is temperature compensated, or mounted on wheels or on a vehicle, resistors with heat dissipating projections, or with cooling gas or liquid circulation, or with heat storing, or with inductance or capacity reducing, or with electrical shields, or with a cleaner or a setting indicator in a mechanically variable resistor, or with a casing or housing, or with protecting structure spaced from the element, or with mounting or supporting means. Included also are resistors combined with or incorporated in other structure, as are resistors constructed as by shape or from material to change their resistance value particularly well in response to a particular condition or change in a particular condition such as current and/or voltage. Included are resistors usually of the mechanically variable type together with a condition sensing actuator which changes the mechanical adjustment of the resistor in response to a condition or a change in condition.

Subclass 32R: Magnetic field or compass (e.g., Hall effect type)

Class 228: Metal Fusion Bonding

Method of joining the meeting faces of juxtaposed or engaged metal work parts or of the same part originally in a form-sustaining state, by the direct application of heat and/or mechanical energy to either of: (a) such work parts, to such an extent as to effect a flowing or blending together of some of the metal in neighboring regions of said work parts into a continuous metallic zone interconnecting said work parts, or (b) such work parts and a metallic filler, to such an extent as to effect a flowing or blending together of the filler and some of the metal of said work portions into a continuous metallic zone interconnecting said work portions with filler and thus with each other.

Subclass 180.5: Wire bonding
Subclass 207: Applying flux
Subclass 4.5: Wire lead bonder

Class 716: Data Processing: Design And Analysis Of Circuit Or Semiconductor Mask

This class provides for electrical data processing apparatus and corresponding methods for the following subject matter: for sketching, designing, and analyzing circuit components; for planning, designing, analyzing, and devising a template used for etching circuit pattern on semiconductor wafers.

Subclass 14: Detailed routing (e.g., channel routing, switch box routing)
Subclass 8: Floorplanning
Subclass 9: Detailed placement (i.e., iterative improvement)

Class 427: Coating Processes

This is the generic class for: A. applying or obtaining a coating on a surface. The coating may be hard or soft, permanent or transitory, supplied solely by extraneous materials or supplied wholly or in part by the base material. B. impregnating a base by causing a coating material to extend or penetrate into the base material, or into the interstices of a porous, cellular or foraminous material. C. taking preparatory treatments of the base material, subsequent treatments of the coated base material and other ancillary noncoating operations claimed, per se, processes limited to etching for making a base more compatible with, or adherent to, the coating wherein the base is the substrate (work) onto which a coating is applied are included.

Subclass 290: Prior to coating
Subclass 292: Inorganic base
Subclass 352: Liquid extraction of coating constituent or cleaning coating
Subclass 353: With water
Subclass 397.7: Inorganic silicon-containing coating
Subclass 443.2: Inorganic base

Class 369: Dynamic Information Storage Or Retrieval

Apparatus for the storage or retrieval of arbitrarily variable information which is retained in a storage medium by variation of a physical characteristic. The information is stored or retrieved by causing or sensing a variation of a physical characteristic of the storage medium by a transducer having relative motion along a continuous path.

Subclass 53.38: Of transducer assembly mechanism