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Superfine Magnetic Measurements Component    

Manufacturing a superconducting quantum interference type magnetic fluxmeter .


This technology makes possible the ability to enhance the efficiency of the non-destructive inspection by magnetism or the somatometry; and aids in the development of technologies in the superfine magnetic measurements and to the increase of its usage.

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Class 427: Coating Processes

This is the generic class for: A. applying or obtaining a coating on a surface. The coating may be hard or soft, permanent or transitory, supplied solely by extraneous materials or supplied wholly or in part by the base material. B. impregnating a base by causing a coating material to extend or penetrate into the base material, or into the interstices of a porous, cellular or foraminous material. C. taking preparatory treatments of the base material, subsequent treatments of the coated base material and other ancillary noncoating operations claimed, per se, processes limited to etching for making a base more compatible with, or adherent to, the coating wherein the base is the substrate (work) onto which a coating is applied are included.

Subclass 181: Interior or hollow article coating
Subclass 189: Uniting particles to form continuous coating with nondiscernible particles
Subclass 197: Localized different areas produced (e.g., printing, etc.)
Subclass 202: Applying superposed diverse coatings or coating a coated base
Subclass 237: Coating by vapor, gas, mist, or smoke
Subclass 372.2: Heating or drying (e.g., polymerizing, vulcanizing, curing, etc.)
Subclass 419.1: Metallic compound-containing coating
Subclass 62: Superconductor

Class 204: Chemistry: Electrical And Wave Energy

This class includes, where not provided for elsewhere: A. Processes (1) involving the use of electrolysis (as provided for in Class 205); (2) of preparing or purifying compounds or elements involving chemical reaction brought about by electrical or wave energy in a magnetic field; (3) of treating materials involving chemical reaction brought about by wave energy; (4) of preparing or purifying compounds or elements involving chemical reaction brought about by an electrostatic field or electrical discharge; (5) involving the use of electrophoresis or electro-osmosis; (6) of treating a liquid (a) to separate or purify the liquid using electric and magnetic fields simultaneously, (b) to separate or purify the liquid using an electric field, or (c) using a magnetic field to obtain some effect other than mere separation or purification of the liquid; (7) involving coating, forming, or etching by the use of sputtering; and (8) involving coating by the use of vacuum arc discharge.

Subclass 471: Coating or forming of object
Subclass 479: Coating interior of object
Subclass 487: With heat treatment of a coated layer (e.g., curing, sintering, etc.)

Class 505: Superconductor Technology: Apparatus, Material, Process

This is the generic class for subject matter involving (a) superconductor technology above 30 K and (b) Art collections involving superconductor technology. Apparatus, devices, materials, and processes involving such technology are included

Subclass 472: Electrolytic or electrophoretic coating
Subclass 434: With coating

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Class G01R33: Physics - Measuring

Measuring electric variables; measuring magnetic variables. Arrangements or instruments for measuring magnetic variables.