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Technique and Equipment to Estimate the Concentration of a Photochemical Ozone    

Employing a pump-probe process


Allows easy and accurate estimates of the strength and concentration of a forming photochemical ozone without needing to measure individual reactive hydrocarbons. Providing an effective tool to measure air pollution in built-up areas, as well as in the global atmosphere.

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Class 436: Chemistry: Analytical And Immunological Testing

This is the generic class for: chemical test standards, analytical compositions, and processes which involve a chemical reaction for determining qualitatively or quantitatively the presence of a chemical element, compound or complex in a composition or a chemical compound, or an element or radical in a compound; processes for analysis which involve an in vitro antigen-antibody, immunological or protein binding interaction other than those involving a living antigen, or enzyme label; and processes of analysis or study of the chemical properties of a sample; the physiological effect of a sample; or chemical determination of a physical property of a sample. Compositions and their mere methods of use of thermoparticulating compositions. Combinations of tests or measurements with methods of regulating a chemical reaction not otherwise provided for in a chemical synthesis class or otherwise.

Subclass 135: Ozone or peroxide
Subclass 172: With fluorescence or luminescence

Class 422: Chemical Apparatus And Process Disinfecting, Deodorizing, Preserving, Or Sterilizing

This is a generic class for (1) processes of disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving or sterilizing and (2) apparatus for (a) carrying out chemical reactions, (b) preparing or treating chemical compounds or compositions even though only a physical reaction is discernible, (c) performing an analysis which involves either a chemical reaction or a physical reaction not elsewhere provided, for and (d) carrying out the above processes not elsewhere provided for.

Subclass 82.08: Fluorescence

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INVESTIGATING OR ANALYSING MATERIALS BY DETERMINING THEIR CHEMICAL OR PHYSICAL PROPERTIES . Investigating or analysing materials by the use of optical means, i.e. using infra-red, visible, or ultra-violet light .