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USB Microphone Array for Telecommunications Applications    

This new, highly directional microphone provides crisp, clear noise reduced speech signals


It significantly improves speech recognition accuracy in noisy environments, supports USB interface (can be plugged directly into a laptop or PC), and can be used with speech recognition software and Skype phones, conference phones and VoIP systems. This is also an ideal solution for automobile OEM microphones, for voice command control systems, GPS, and wireless communications.

Instead of one microphone sensor, as in traditional microphones, this device consists of four microphone sensors, a DPS processor and memory chips. These four sensors form a narrow acoustic beam pointing to the speakers mouth. Thus, the speakers voice is enhanced, while noise and background talking are reduced. This stage speech signal is processed in the spatial domain.

Following the array signal processing, an advanced noise reduction / speech enhancement algorithm is applied to further reduce the noise level and enhance the speech quality in the temporal domain.

Primary Application of the Technology

This device is an ideal solution to support todays computer and telecommunications applications. At a mere 9.5 cm (3.75 inches) in length, this technology not only provides a superior acoustic profile, but the advanced noise reduction / speech enhancement algorithm has been embedded to significantly enhance and improve this microphones speech recognition accuracy. The result is a simple plug and play device which replaces traditional microphones for voice applications and communications.

Additional Information

Technology available for commercialization. Patent pending.